Listening skills

One of the most important language skills is to identify the spoken words in order to understand properly what has been said and to be in position to mantain a fluent conversation.

To improve this skill I have found the website Elllo in which you can listen to speakers from all over the world for different topics, such as sports, travels, games, and so on. We can also see the text to check if what we have heard what with the real audio. Also we can find some videos and songs.


Funny songs for children

Only as an example I have put this video about the popular song Head, shoulders, knees and toes. Althought there is a mistake in the first word “Heads” instead of “Head” I have found the perfomance very funny, basically because there is a progressive missing words in the song, forcing the children to remember the missing words and to associate them to the correct movements.

We can apply songs for our daily teaching because children learn better if the have fun.


ESL resources in the net


All we know that there are thousand of websites that offers their ESL materials. For these reason the main target is to select the most appropiate for our personal goals amd also for teaching purposes.

Teachers should search for the best ones not only for their daily task in the classroom but also to assess the students and to give them the sites.

We have to remark that some webs offer really good resources for teaching, learning and to improve our English level, it doesn’t matter our initial level because there are differents types of contents which fit our personal needs. It is obvious that we have a big opportunity to take advantage of the technologies applying them in the schools and sharing our knowledge to all our students.